Help with 1989 and 1991 narratives


Last page here mighjt be relevant:


I have spent my career in Industrial relations though, so I suppose I used my training.


But Debbie’s ex academic husband Simon wasn’t Simon Pemberton (although she did have a narrow escape from the latter too…no wonder she has given up blokes) the academic Simon was a Canadian who had either been her tutor or taught her at Exeter… shocking abuse of power etc. Jennifer liked discussing book choices with him as he was a literature academic…How can I get cast list from you …?? happy to listen to 30 weeks of Kenton) I don’t think one can give email addresses on site can one? I created a Facebook account yesterday for purposes of Archers research (with much trepidation…yet to have any friends though) …can you find me there? I will post a link to my Facebook page if that is allowed ?
I think sound archives are all now at the British library but a good excuse for a London jolly…


If you feel you must Facebook, we won’t try to stop you, but some of us won’t follow you there. @BorderTerrier, you may not have access yet as a new user, but there are private messages available on this site - if Fanta sends you one you’ll be able to discuss things without the rest of us seeing.


Working on that now.


OK. I have changed your status from “new user”, Joanna; try clicking on my fish and you should get a blue box with an envelope, which says “Message” on it. Click on that, and you are sending me a private message.


Oh, is pederasty equal ops these days, then? I don’t think the relationship between CMR and Festering Lily meets the criteria, she being neither pubescent nor a boy.


Presided single-handed over much of the decline of British manufacturing industry, has our Armers ;- )


Brilliant - I don;t really like facebook and don’t uunderstand it at all - I am watching out for that Dominic Cummings chap though on it …I understand it is full of people like him after my data - ? Quite Why God knows. Will look for your fish then and try and learn how to use this site - you are right HEDGESPARROW - I quiet agree fe Facebook versus this site it is the best one so far - is that my twitter handle you used there? I am not very good at tweeting either - sent one to a ski holiday company a year ago now as it left me stranded in the snow otside a locked hotel during a blizzard - had to phone Polizei - never had a reply from them or any compo so holidaying in Borsetshire from now on…


Woops spelling went a bit awry then - sorry to lower the tone - I am actually good at spelling in real life…


Bring it back - we need to make things once more and sell’em - how else will my pension be paid (soon - cannot wait!)


Aaaw. Bless Gus. It’s nice to be recognised.

I’ve closed less factories than Len McClusky to be fair.


Nope, but if you put an @ in front of someone’s username it puts up a notification that they’ve been mentioned in a post.


…yes dere, but since when have such qualifications been prerequisites for TA SWriting? BTW Welcome to TheAsylum! :no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::roll_eyes:


Is #son running for leadership of anything right now? There is always Ambridge PCC tell him!


I’ll fit right in then!


I’d avoid Grey Gables, if I were you. The place seems to be staffed entirely by ex-cons, chavs and gamblers.

Just realized I didn’t welcome you properly; most remiss of me. Has anyone invited you for a paddle in the gin lake?


Thanks Joe - not yet…although I rather think we have reached Peak Gin these days (to be fair I have yet to try Scruff – has anyone out there sampled some? I am hoping it is like Silent Pool (sorry if that is prohibited advertising ) as I quite like that one -yet can ill afford it - Lidl posh one is nice (opps more promo) but I would prefer some of Lower Loxley’s latest vintage - with climate change do you think they might try their hand at a nice 11% Riesling? One has to watch one’s ABV these days - especially if planning to holiday in Borsetshire…


That was Simon Gerard (or possibly Gerrard—That Fish will know)


With the double R. Although IANTF.