Help with 1989 and 1991 narratives


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The Aldi “Oliver Cromwell” London Gin is really rather fine – though these days I resort first to The Botanist.


I’ve long been an advocate for Boyle’s - also from Aldi. I’m not alone; on NYE the ravening hordes polished off a whole bottle, leaving the Gordon’s untouched.


In England I think it is called Cromwell.


That’s a different one - it was rebranded as Corley’s in Ireland. Can’t imagine why…

Boyle’s is definitely sold as such in the UK:'s-craft-irish-gin/p/085913232906800

(There should be a Reporter equivalent to Godwin’s Law: how long a thread can run before someone mentions gin)


Nor can I.
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Warning - which should probably have been a line above its current position - I find that song a most persistent earworm once established. The Mexican Hat Dance is an effective antidote, however.


Oy! You lot! take it to the Cellar; the new member of the board was trying to ask a serious question in this thread…


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Yes we are sort of daft and full of fun from our shared secret vice of enjoying TA

We moved 16 years ago and I refused to leave Norn Iron without R4 for TA
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Speak for yourself; I still can’t be doing with it. (But I did know about the vice before I proposed to That Fish.)


Oh My Goodness Me - what a Gin Soaked bunch I seem to have stumbled across…just like my neighbours around here in the hills TBH - except refreshing not to hear about sheep and political ranting - anyway - while you were all swimming in the Gin Lake until the wee small hours I had long since retired with TA podcast (am I being an intellectual snob or is Lee just really quite dim as well as dull? Not that there is anythign wrong with “nice but dim” though…there are many things worse…Pip, Hannah and Shula for instance ) to recharge grey cells with slumber in order to press on with my magnum opus on the TA - today’s task is idenifying the episodes in 2017 in which Auntie Chris’s unauthorised Costa Rican collective investment scheme was sold to her - does anybody remember who Matt Crawford’s posh smooth accomplice was? What was his name? Either Justin or Brian knew him from school and Latif Hussain (who is he supposed to be do you reckon?) was hoodwinked by him?
However -I do have to fit in a weekly swim near local ALDI and LIDL (Waitrose come no further North than the Tyne Valley - it is corporate policy I reckon - but at least it is handy for Jim, Jazzer and Al on way home today though - not they need it as the new Waitrose in Worcester is a latterday cathedral - hope they enjoy Housteads though ) - so will check out those gin recommendations but probably recharge my low(ish) ABV Riesling lake instead - or maybe a more structured semillon blend if anything interesting under a tenner…



Your spiritual home is the cellar

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Hugo Melling?


When I started drinking gin it was unpretentious falling-over-water. Now of course everyone and his three-legged dog is making some sort of foofy artisanal stuff…

From the BBC synopses, which may give you a starting point:

  • 17 July 2017
    Matt is keen to make a good impression with the Investors’ Day at Grey Gables. He even persuades Christine, who is having lunch with Peggy and Jill, to drop in. Christine has no money to invest, but can’t resist all the talk about horses. She is flattered when Matt offers to introduce her to his boss Hugo.
  • 18 July 2017
    Matt has to explain the poor turn out at the Investors’ Day to Hugo. He tells Christine how impressed Hugo was with her. Later, Matt accuses Justin of orchestrating the failure. Every no-show seems to have some sort of business connection with him. Justin is unapologetic. Matt’s interference is becoming irritating. Justin gives Matt a serious warning. Stay out of his domestic and private affairs, and then, perhaps, he’ll stay out of Matt’s.
  • 17 November 2017
    Christine talks excitedly about the Rhine cruise she won at the Hunt Ball, donated by Melling Equestrian. Lilian feels uneasy when Christine points out she doesn’t have any details yet. She feels even worse when Christine divulges she invested quite a lot of money in the racecourse.
  • 19 November 2017
    Lilian believes that the police will soon make the news of the Melling Equestrian Investments scam public. Peggy’s shocked when Lilian informs her of Christine’s involvement. They break the news to Christine as gently as possible. Christine tells them that she has lost about £50,000, and hastily retires to her room. Feeling guilty that she didn’t discover the scam sooner, Lilian can’t stop telling Peggy how sorry she is. Peggy’s just glad Christine didn’t invest even more.
  • 20 November 2017
    Christine gives her statement to the police regarding the scam. Meeting DI Thorpe has given her confidence that she might get her money back, but Peggy’s more realistic. Christine’s upset to discover Peggy’s told David and Jill. She implores Peggy not to tell her son Peter.


10/10 Gus - another breakthrough - cheers!!


Amazing groundwork Hedgie - some wonderful legal stuff for me to invent in there…I remember those episodes so well - it seems like yesterday - we all felt Aunty C’s pain - oh to have a pal like Peggy to pay one’s care home fees (where can I find one? ) - I hope the Laurels has a bar.
However one crucial detail still eludes us…I know she told Peggy that was “only” £50,000 (less than Caroline’s loss remember in 1991 - RPI link that… and we all see that Caroline must have been a trustie kid) BUT didn’t Aunty C later fess up that she ACTUALLY had invested the entire sale proceeds of her house (…what was it called? Something Cottage?) to Fallon and Harrison…the figure of £300,000 sticks in my mind - does anyone else remember that? Maybe we could look up the sale price on Rightmove or the Land Registry???


Can’t have been all of it, because:

  • 5 October 2017
    Fallon and Harrison host a housewarming party at Woodbine Cottage. Harrison thanks Christine again for selling it to them. Christine feels that she’s done very well out of the rent and the sale, and offers to put the money to a good use. She’d like to fund a changing room for the women cricketers.

and yet

  • 24 November 2017
    Shula explains to Peggy and Christine that Anisha is considering moving her father to The Laurels, although her uncle objects. Christine had always assumed that she would move there if she needed to, but after Shula leaves she laments to Peggy that she couldn’t now afford the fees. The family must think she’s such a fool. Peggy tries to console her - she still has plenty of money from the sale of Woodbine. But that’s the problem - Christine lied about only investing £50,000. In fact, she has lost everything, but couldn’t bear for anyone else to find out. Peggy promises to keep the secret. She’ll sort something out.

(I’ll leave it to That Fish to listen to any actual episodes. I just do the archiving.)


A total figure of £350k rings bells with me.
The thing is, the chronology of this scam is all cock-eyed, as pointed out by the indefatigable Fish on this thread. Not only the chronology.


Aha…Matt was lying to whet Latif’s appetite for investment - Aunty C could have agreed to transfer funds and then transferred sales proceeds later but will burrow around in that thread - thanks for that - 350k does indeed sound about right for a bijou pretty 2 bedroom cottage in leafy Ambridge doesn’t it? Expensive to us Northerners …and crucifying for the likes of poor Emma and Ed - I reckon a creative solution to Ambridge housing shortages would be pre-fabs - or they all move to Prudhoe …ohh nooooo!


Goodness, you were all busy while I was sleeping! I’ve no pertinent facts to add but if I’d been awake earlier (I must explain, Joanna, that I am in Canada, oh, and welcome) I would have been putting my hand up and shouting “Miss, Miss, it’s Hugo Melling!”

So my sole claim to fame is that I used Hugo Melling’s name to leave a review of a hotel on Trip Advisor. Favourable.