Help with 1989 and 1991 narratives


“Very relaxed about wanting to see identification, happy to be paid in cash. Would break my three-continent flight from justice here again.”


Love it, Hedgers! I expect Hugo was collecting investments from the gullible pun’ers in the lounge, too.


Thanks Janie - was the hotel GG perchance?? Can I suggest (if you really are takign in three continents as the Sparrow suggests) that you return via Costa Rica (it must be Sourth America surely?) and do a bit of sleuthing to recover some of Aunty C’s dosh? Peggy is chuckign her money around these days (wilding Ambridge, new cats) and may not be able to meet the Laurels fees much longer…I do worry about these things.


Considering Hazel got most of Jack’s dosh, I am surprised Peggy is still apparently so wealthy but as it happens I believe Christine’s son, Peter is it? or Paul? is paying the fees, or topping them up at any rate. But as for recovering the dosh, forget it, I’m the one that nicked it, amn’t I?

(No it wasn’t Grey Gables, it was a holiday let in West Sussex, we criminals like to keep a low profile, so we find that self-catering is best.)


I think it says “wealthy” on her character sheet. So it doesn’t matter how much money she spends, she’s always a rich person.


If it was dog friendly send me details…I need somewhere down there later this year while seeing rellies in Chichester…will obvs tarry halfway down in Borsetshire


Indeed - I often wondered that too…can’t have been The Bull …another financial black hole opens in Ambridge


Did Hazel get the properties of Jack’s estate and Peggy got the rest?


The actual details of Jack’s will were never revealed, but Hazel certainly got the lion’s share - “you’ll be a very wealthy woman” as the solicitor put it in that oh-so-professional way we’ve come to expect in TA. There was much debate at the time as to whether or not Peggy got what was left of the proceeds from the sale of GG, since that was originally supposed to go to her, but IIRC was sold to pay for his time in The Laurels.

How Peggy is still sufficiently flush to throw half a million at the rewiddling project is a mystery, since her own investments were found to be in a pretty poor way when Brian got his financial adviser to look them over. She’s since (probably) paid off Tom and Kirsty’s debts for the wedding that wasn’t and been paying at least some of Christine’s care fees. My guess is that the SWs have simply forgotten.


Just did a bit of digging - the episode in question was 16/1/14:

TOBY [Jack’s solicitor]: In summary, Jack made several small bequests to charities. Then he left Peggy The Lodge, together with a minority share of his other investments. And the main beneficiary–who receives the substantial majority of his estate–is you, Hazel.


TOBY: So, all in all, you’re set to become quite a wealthy woman.


No, that was hers plus Jack’s investments that she was supposed to be looking after for him. Their accountant died and she disliked his son so she simply didn’t get in touch with him after she had her stroke, and thus managed to halve the value of their investments.


… because she has such a good head for business.


Sorry - you’re right of course. I’d forgotten about the enduring power of attorney.


Surprising that Horrid Hazel didn’t take legal action against P for neglect/abuse of the EPA …another financial non-sequitur is how flush Brian and Jenny (still lots of nice spa days, posh meals out and decent holidays…) still appear to be despite living in a 2 up 2 down… that farm supports a lot of people - .he has must have a helluva SIPP and an ISA stash…just for starters…


IN my excitement at winning a badge from this site I have changed my photo to something more accurate and become gender neutral - but am still Joanna with the same obsessive interest in 1989 (Kenton), 1991 (Caroline and Cameron), Auntie C and Melling/Crawwford scam plus TA generally plus Riesling Lake and TA generally so keep it coming


Oooo I want one of those quad bike/mini tractor/company car jobbies!

I live in remote (very) remote wet Ireland and there are several of those in our parish

But as I am registered blind I think driving to be a bad idea!

The farm house I live in was once in charge of 78acres a large farm round here so I look at Brine’s rolling acres as factory farming!


Its not mine - it belongs(as does the farm) to a neigbour farmer who looks after him when I am off on my travels…No real Brines round here - some wannabe ones I guess but mostly Grundies whereas my role model is Tracey …she’s a laaarrff!


The real laugh is that Home Farm was larger than the Berrow Estate: 1,500 acres to 1,000. Yet the Idiot Justin lords it over Brian and thinks himself the greater landowner. Hah. Hedge fund, not hedges, Idiot.


Oddly enough I saw you, or a close relative, on me shopping trip just now.
Poor little feller was very nervy and untypical of the breed. Thanks to ill treatment by his previous bastards owners, apparently. He did deign to accept some gentle fuss in the end and was quite interested in my thumb splint. Which probably means it needs washing.


How odd - I am just back from trip to butchers, bakers, deli (for Chinese New Year rice wine tomorrow night - not that my Chinese friend is coming as she is elsewhere - hopefully not Wuhan) and the greasy spoon cafe (for a coffee only no greasy spoons) - were you the bloke with the two Alsatians or the one with the lurcher? He didn’t like the former (been beaten up by big dogs in the recent and not so recent past ) and didn’t like the coat the latter had on - he just doesn’t like clothing for dogs or Guide Dogs for Blind harnesses and that can be very embarrasing indeed…I am sure he would like RUby though - less sue about the late Scruff and - what did Willian do with his gundogs does anyone know? They might be bored by now…hopefully Eddy will take them lamping at night and maybe a spot of poaching …if you were the chap in the mobility scooter then I apologise we nearly decanted you…