Help with 1989 and 1991 narratives


“Hah. Hedge fund, not hedges, Idiot.”

Although I think Damarra is a prvate equity entity of some sort - but I bet he is well hedged against the vicissitudes of life the rest of us worry about (how CAN we afford the Laurels? Does The Laurels have bar BTW? …) Friday night is drinkies night - a nice white Bordeaux from ALDI tonight methinkhs


I am undogged (although reasonably independent on the whole compared to, say, Helen) but cat-infested. And - not that it matters at all - not a bloke either.
On the subject of clothing for dogs, I was delighted as I was returning from my Christmas visit to see a whippet in a giraffe onsie in the Euston station plaza :wink:


He was introduced as a hedge fund manager, originally, at the time opf the illegal takeover of Borchester Land. or at least, people who seemed to know said at the time it was illegal: something about the Chairman (Brian) not having been notified?


And were you at the time in a legal state of mind?


Depends on whether dreaming fondly of murdering one’s fellow passengers is an actual offence. I was depressingly sober


If so inclined they could probably get you on some inchoate offence. Twellsy could tell you more.


Self-defence, guv.

(Apparently what I want to listen to most right now is Andrews Sisters-type close harmony. Fortunately I have lots available.)


wot, not six songs by Alma Mahler? Can I not tempt you?

Thort not.


Having recently listened to the Book of the Week condensation of the life of Walter Gropius, I am not sanguine on the Alma Question.


Did any die ? Like more or less there & then … not eva.

Coz otherwise you’ve got away with it.

I proved, yesterday, that looks don’t, actually, kill. I went somewhere which gave be a wristband. As I held it going through the turnstile an ameoba decided I was carrying it because I didn’t know what to do with it and took it from me … talking slowly & loudly AT me … and attempted to fit it onto my wrist.

If looks did kill he’d have looked like he’d just gone through a log shredder. Last I saw he was upright, breathing, moving … if looking a tad stunned that the old man had been so unnecessarily rude to him.


Afraid not.

He’s probably taken a long hard look at himself, checked his chronological privilege and ever-so-wokely decided you were suffering from an invisible disability of some kind, or possibly dementia… I realise this thought might not be much of a comfort to you, dere. The log-shredding look needs a bit more work over the weekend.


‘Gustav and Walter and Franz’ - adds a whole new dimension to ‘Schindler’s List’, dunnit? (and those are only the ones she married)


I am sure Alma was misunderstood and just ahead of her time. Didn’t know about her and Gustav though. Busy Girl.
… Wristband? Swimming pool busy? Fitbit? Dry trip from the Asylum?
Giraffe Onesie could have been for veterinary reasons (I had to wear a blue Babygro when bitten by two bitched next door). There was a general election on at time so Mum got me a red one too at PAH for balance…
Is Alistair on Tinder yet?


What is the point of wristbands apart from hospitals?

I gather that they are used for other things

But what??!!

I am a sheltered old bat



Twellsy, in my experience usually for stopping people from sneaking out of an event (e.g. a trade show) and giving their entry ticket to a mate.


Oh dear I am hopelessly out of date

I understand tickets to the theatre but you rarely wish to run away


My Mileage Does Vary!


Getting in & out of an area of Chester Zoo Twellsie.


Oh dear

I thought that only the animals were restricted in their movements in their enclosures

Some year I will join the 20th century