Help with 1989 and 1991 narratives


Are you still in the zoo? Did they let you out yet? If not we must tell Emma and Helen might take Jack and Poppy to see you…


I escaped without a wristband

I am now headed to the cider club


Aaah, well. The wristband let me go in, & out, as frequently as I like. I know this, because the ameoba … TOLD … ME … IN … SHORT … WORDS … VERY, VERY … SLOWLY.

This was before the death stare and me telling him I knew full well how these things work and precisely where his rucksack would be found if he didn’t feck off.

He fecked off.


I did say I worked in Industrial Relations didn’t I ?


Snork Armers


Read: “Helen might get Emma / Pat’n’Tony / Kirsty / Ian / any passing stranger to take Jack…”


Good point - had not thought of that…when will be start hearing from Jack and Poppy BTW? They surely can talk by now?? …with Henry as a sibling and He Who Must NOt be Named as Dad I do worry how Jack will turn out - he needs a super-relaxed, grounded and calm mother so its good he has Helen…


But, bearing in mind everyone around them, they see no point in adding to the noise.


Let’s hope they are better at that sort of thing than the mere amateur(s?) who took Adam and returned him unharmed. Look how that turned out.


When was that again?? A dim recollection is stirring - but it could have been my hunger sharpened brain at thought of that buffet of 3Wells…


1970 - full story here:


As I recall it, Adam’s kidnappers were caught because Sid recognised one or both of them, or kept an eye on them, or some such.

Yup. That is in the entry for Smith, Henry, in TBoTA.