Home Farm

What possible need was there for the idiots not simply to go along with Brian’s suggestion that they should make anew company with Adam as its nominal head, to retain the Estate contract? How did the knowledge that he had been aware forty years ago that it was possible what had been dumped might be toxic forty years down the line make the slightest difference to their making that decision?

They can none of them think their way out of a wet paper bag.


Pass me that bag sharpish, please, Fish, for a full toxicology screen on the sogging agent. It might not be good for you.

The Home Farm story is indeed a cornucopia of piffle and idiocy. And the SWs are floundering horribly, as they are not clear in their own minds as to what they wanted the issue to be. It’s making me really rather cross,
PS: anyone up for holding me coat while I stab Ruth through the eye? Oh, thank you kindly. I think it was her pronunciation of ‘know’ as ‘GNAWWW’ that sealed her doom, but to be honest, who cares? She had it comin’


What wiv one fing an’ anuvver, not heard tonights offering yet. I take it I should wait until I have partaken of something calming?

I wonder if any of Jules’ drugs are sedatives…? What am I saying? She needs them more than me - best stick with the gin…


Not that I want to put bad ideas into your head, joe (and space for them is almost certainly at a premium, hurrah!), but have you ever seen a chicken that has gin taken?
Me neither.

Oh and PS, yes, do take something calming. Not that the dramatic tension is unbearable or anything, but - well, 'nuff said, and you can thank me later.


Gawds - you weren’t joking, were you?

I’m trying to decide whether JD is being disingenuous or the SWs have forgotten / rewritten history again. That Brian was responsible for dumping something poisonous in Ambridge forty years ago is hardly news - and JD certainly knew about it. It’s called Kate.


OK - so how dense are JD and Adam supposed to be? Why would Alice and Kate change their mind? Wouldn’t possibly have anything to do with a threat to the ongoing liquidity of the Bank Of Brian and future inheritance, would it? Of course not.


Who owns the farm?

Home Farm Partnership owns the business, but I very much doubt that someone as fly to the time of day as Brian would have given them the land. That is his (and possibly Jennifer’s) and he can sell at least his half if he wants, leaving the business (and Jennifer) to do what they can with the half they have left.

750 acres is not enough to keep the lot of them in the style they would like to be accustomed to, least of all if they then lose the Estate contract (half at least of the farm equipment is Brian’s, at a guess) and are left with the contaminated land to farm.

That nasty little pair of grabbies Adam and Debbie are long over-due a comeuppance for their treatment over the years of the man who took them in because they were their mother’s children by a couple of other blokes.

Ruairi is old enough to decide whether he prefers going with his father or staying with the unrelated female who has been using him as a weapon against his father ever since he was born.