How do the actors make a living?

some characters don’t appear for weeks i.e Jazzer
how do they survive financially?


I think they quite often have outside jobs, if they are not full-time professional actors who have other parts to play. Roy’s actor Ian Pepperell runs the Star Inn at Ringwood, for instance, and Susan’s Charlotte Martin is an academic/research psychologist under another name. I don’t know what else Jazzer’s Ryan Kelly does, but one could probably find out by searching for him and ignoring the various Americans and Irishmen of the same name.


By being waiters. The waiting staff in LA are stunning, all wannabes.


Tim Bentinck does all sorts of things, has written a children’s book, does one-man shows and voice work, Felicity Finch is a BBC reporter sometimes heard on Woman’s Hour, Graham Blockey has just retired as a GP, Michael Cochrane is often seen on TV, the Troughtons both have stage work, Louiza Patikas has (or had, not sure) a part in Coronation Street, she’s also had other TV parts, Andrew Wincott is in another radio programme, I forget which, Ian and Anisha (forget actors’ names) have been seen on TV, Kim Durham had a full time job at the Bristol Old Vic until recently, now he’s free-lancing, Daisy Badger was in ‘Home Fires’ on TV, the Lily actor is much older than she sounds and was in Corrie, I saw Buffy Davis on TV the other day, I forget in what, oh I know, Doc Martin. That’s it off the top of my head!