How long will Toby take

to get his mitts on Jill’s money?

Don’t think that’s the way its going - unless you subscribe to the view that Pip being lent money is the same as it being given to Toby as she is largely supporting him. She’s cow-fixated and he won’t see a penny of it.

I dislike Toby a great deal less than many other characters*. You might wish to revoke my board membership privileges, I do realise that.

Certainly less than Pip. And the Dopeys. And Jill. And his ineffably dull, dhaliverous brother. Lord dhaliverous from them all, sez I.

If he waits until she’s dead he’ll be unusually polite for Ambridge.


What an acid-beaked wee birdie it is. Go Hedgers! That caused a liquid/screen interface. Only water, most dull.

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Bearing in mind that Toby had evidently worked out what Pip was to do, coached her, wound her up and pointed her at Jill before dashing off to work, I think he has a vested interest somewhere there. Otherwise he wouldn’t have bothered.

Or perhaps he just doesn’t like Pip mentioning that she has no money and having to be told it is not her fault every ten minutes. It must be dreadfully boring for the poor boy.

(How did he get the thirty thousand plus quid that it takes to start large-scale gin production, when what he had was Pip’s five grand? he won’t be making five grand any time soon if all he has is the kitchen-table equipment he was using before.)

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You’ll be really happy when I’m proved wrong, but I don’t agree that he had a particularly vested interest, just made a (fairly obvious when you think about it) suggestion as to a possible alternative source of a loan.

Fair points, Fantafish, fair points: but we aren’t going to be laying the blame for the SWs’/prod team’s higgerance at Toby’s door, are we? He doesn’t know that he’s ludicrously underfunded and producing a fraction (yes, I did do that on purpose) of the legal minimum, poor sap…