I bet someone here can beat me


I got 13/15.

(And my result earned me the description “proper super-fan”. Hmm.)


Only just…


Last one wrong. But then it did concern a combination of Plank and another Grundy Scam (IWJWHW); small wonder my eyes glazed over


I can’t do a screen-shot, but it said
“Wow, proper super-fan… you’re practically an Ambridge resident. Keep up the good work!”

I am so, so glad that I am not an Ambridge resident…


No need to be sorry, I was relying on you!


They need someone competent to sort them out, but I’m glad it’s not you.


But if you were to move in for a bit, to one of the currently unoccupied houses (seems a lot of people are away by their recent and continued silence!), you could ask around and answer some of the open questions the writers appear to have completely forgotten!


I got

A whole 15 right

Meet you in the Bull Fishy?


You mean “The pub once known as The Bull, which will forever be known as The Bull”, especially once the writers forget the storyline happened…


Bring your own bottle.



Don’t pubs usually contain beer?


Yeah. But something tells me it’s not a priority at the B—.


In that case we will help em out with disposing of/drinking current stocks of beer and do them a favour

Helpful to a fault we are


And won’t even charge them for the work…

Just recalled that The Bull is reputedly modelled on The Old Bull at Inkberrow. Will they henceforth have to be referred to as the Old B****? (Extra asterisks are available)