I can't believe I'm still listening to this swill

…it just gets worse and worse! Pathetic? OMG!!!

CRASH! tinkle tinkle!


I haven’t yet heard it

I may not bother…



We won’t throw you off the board if you stop.


…but that’s just what I thort!
…but you will @Carinthia, you will!! :wink:


I’d prefer that you stopped rather than being so negative all the time. It’s supposed to be a pleasure to listen to and get involved with the characters, you seem to hate it and then just come here to complain about it every day. I’m sure there’s other things in your life that bring you more joy than the Archers seems to. Just my two pence.


I don’t mind negativity if it’s interesting, but I think that a post which just says “I thought this was rotten” without either having something interesting to say or at least something vaguely amusing about it is just dull. Especially when it’s two or three such content-free threads per episode.


I tend to agree; it’s difficult to reply to the post rather than the person if the post has no particular content.

A suggestion: how about we have a thread for Sturmers’ use, in which his strong feelings are expressed each day, rather than having two or three new threads a day all saying much the same thing as each other? Or are you trying for a “most threads started in a year” record, or something, Sturmers?

We could call it “The Complaint Thread” or “Utter Nausea” or something…


…of course you are 100% correct, and I daresay TheGreatVanBlessa is looking down from her penthouse and smiling to herself, as she chalks up another one on the “RightKindOfListener” tally. As for me, I’m obviously the “WrongKindOfListener”.

…and only two pence? Just think what you might get for a few bob more? (…a more developed sense of humour, perhaps?)

…and so I will take you advice!

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :kissing_heart:


Well, having listened to the last two nights’ offerings, I have to say I’m finding myself increasingly in accord with Sturmers. Are the SWs actively trying to kill off TA? Or do they genuinely believe that this is what listeners want? What was the point of making Carmen jr. a drag queen? And would a “small market town six miles west of Ambridge” (as it’s described in The Book of The Archers) be likely to host regular drag nights? Were we supposed to find Alf’s discomfiture amusing? My sides remain intact. Why introduce two completely irrelevant characters, without even the pretence of of attempting to provide a plausible back-story? Where and how would Joe have met Carmen sr. without the rest of the family knowing? He wasn’t exactly mobile, and I doubt Bartleby could manage a twelve mile round trip.

Edward Kelsey deserves a better memorial.


Yes, I too wondered how the “increasingly frail” Joe had managed to sneak off for boozy sessions with Carmen Miranda’s Ghost without Clarrie noticing.


Was tonight’s written for a bet?


There may have been a reason for Paul Brodrick having been politely shown the door in 2005.