I hear that Pip


is now working on making life so horrible for Ben that he will leave home, as well as her constant sniping at Josh.

Such a sweet person she is.


I did rather enjoy that Ben took no notice and kept up the whistling.


The boy done good :+1:
He is on my ‘individuals I loathe rather less than the rest of the boiling’ list.
For the moment.
It is not what you would call a long list, that.


Wot, they’re all just as horrible as each other? Impressive balancing act, that. My list would be “everybody except Kate. And Helen. And… yeah, all right, I take your point.”


I think Ben’s newly developed character is an obnoxious git … but even an obnoxious git, if winding Pip up, has my vote.

Meanwhile who does she think she is, coming into HIS home and telling him how to behave ?

Off hme to your wee brat you sponging besom.


I find Ben perfectly reasonable, given his complete lack of any parental guidance whatever: apart from driving his father’s pickup without permission, which seems to me exactly the sort of thing I would have done myself if I had been brought up on a farm and driving since I was about ten, I can’t see that he has done anything particularly ghastly. Yes, he hit a badger by accident (something I defy anyone to avoid on a country road at night); he was genuinely sorry and upset about it, so not much like his father’s reaction to them.

Like Gus, I loathe him less than I loathe anyone else in his family.