I predict a Bad Thing


… happening to Brian.
His exchange with Ruairi about R looking after him in his old age, the peaceful and happy Christmas à deux with JD, and his general and slightly uncharacteristic bonhomie of late just bode

And it would explain why no one has bothered with a load of loose ends. Although there are alternative explanations, such as incompetence, for that.


Misread that as “goose ends”, which would surely be a money-making scheme for Fairbrother-Grundy Scams Inc.

I’m not sure the current writers are competent enough to do basic blatant foreshadowing, though.


Many of them are the same writers we’ve had all century.

(yes, all right, they probably aren’t.)


Well, I hope you are right. I like Brian, although he does have a dodgy taste in wives and is quite ridiculously indulgent to the various hangers-on known as the children.