I very much hope

that when the Dopeys go ballistic (one irregular grandchild being fine, because Goldentwat’s, but a slip-up of Ben’s being outrageous) someone reminds them that Ben himself was a Mistake. As was the Thing that had the good sense to quit Ruth’s uterus at speed (pity the pendant Jill was passing on to Bulldog-face Casey was topaz rather than amber, now I think about it. But I digress).
Just after Vince the Grease has come round to set fire to the Weddin’ Venue and repossess the solar panels would be the moment juste for that observation, I feel.

Random Thought
Why does Widderbeth feel the urge now to run Russ over with a mower or whatever it was she said she felt like doing? It’s her precious little Princess Mini-Me who is in the wrong, after all. [muses on Widderbeth’s career] ah, silly me!
Second Random Thought
Does Ben have a fetish for young women with unpleasant voices? Strange way for the mother-fixation to express, but anything is possible, I suppose.


Bad form posting agsin but

Third Random Thought
Ruari will fill his green wellies laughing when he finds out. Good.


And well-entitled to do so, I feel. Sanctimonious creep gets caught out is always good for a giggle.


Agree, all, oh happy, happy day!

As for Widderbeth, she’s the sort who’d think this reaction was expected of her whereas in reality she was with Russ a bit like Pat was with Rob. Bit late to take up the 'always knew he woz a wrong’un) stance (not that she actually said that).