"I wish I had that kind of willpower"


Gaw, what horrible stereotyping. She’s female, so she likes ice cream and thinks she’s too fat. Do people really get paid to come up with this rubbish?


Sounded a fairly realistic interaction to me. It’s part of The (RL) Script. Ice cream is ‘naughty’. Doesn’t stop the silly moos from eating it, but they can make a trivial fuss about it and then get positive reinforcement from being told they ‘deserve a treat once in a while’. Oh, and any woman worth her salt is either dieting or at least slavishly admiring of those who are. You get drummed out of the Brownies if you say - ‘eat if or don’t eat it - no skin off my nose - but STFU about it for gawd’s sake’ or similar.


Sorry, folks. You’ll find the bile comes off with the appropriate Stain Devil. I was possibly more traumatised by the inane food-babble of a particular gaggle of females in my workplace than I realised at the time. One of them was quite the Emma in some ways, now I come to think about it.

O’Hanrahan is playing a blinder at the moment. She is an excellent radio actor. Well, she might be an excellent stage/film/TV actor, too: I didn’t mean to suggest that she isn’t. But rather a contrast with certain other members of the cast.


Stereotypes often get started by being realistic, or at least widely believed, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still lazy writing.


I’m with you on the subject of food/diet bores, Gus.


But the complete avoidance of such ‘realistic but lazy writing’ would make any series just - unbelievable.
Since TA manages to be unbelievable despite the inclusion of plenty of lazy writing, it must be hotly tipped for an award of some kind.

Keep it clean, dahlinks.