Idiot's surprise recipe

Just caught up with last night’s offering. Checked Wiki:

Ambridge is a borough in Beaver County in Western Pennsylvania, incorporated in 1905 and named after the American Bridge Company. Ambridge is located 16 miles (25 km) northwest of Pittsburgh, alongside the Ohio River. The population was 7,050 at the 2010 census.

Presumably a fair proportion of those 7,000 or so can cook, and would be familiar with zucchini. But I was under the impression that TA was set in

…the fictional village of Ambridge in the fictional county of Borsetshire, in the English Midlands. Borsetshire is situated between, in reality, the contiguous counties of Worcestershire and Warwickshire, south of Birmingham in the West Midlands.

So why is the English public school and Cambridge educated Justin not calling it a courgette?


Because the scripties idolise anything American?


Because he developed the recipe in conjunction with his hairy-faced Mexican friend, who might very well have called it a zucchini?

I make no comment on the probability or otherwise of two young men 40-odd/plus years ago developing a largely vegetable-based specialité de la shagpad.


I did consider that, but how far do you think he’d get asking for zucchini’s in a Cambridge greengroce’rs ca. 1967?