I'm awa' the noo!


Oh, jolly good, Jazza! About time, we all say! Don’t let the gate hit you in the arse on your way out!


There are a good many I would see the back of before Jazzer.
You are of course entitled to your opinion, no matter how wrong it might be.


I find his accent particularly grating. Yes, I know he’s supposed to be a native Glaswegian, but I think he tries too hard and over does it, a bit like the “Mummerset” accents of the likes of Wywyum and as for the rest of the Grundgies, it’s really hard to determine exactly from where they are supposed to originate.

For a far more realistic (IMNSHO) Caledonian accent, albeit from Edinburgh, take a listen to “McLevy”. Brian Cox and Siobahn Redmond, sound most convincing, as does Michael Perceval-Maxwell (as an import from the Emerald Isle)!


please don’t do that. I have a small (ish - well, quite extensive, really) list of phrases that are almost infallible ***ker indicators, and I’d hate to have to revise it.
It’s not the accent that I like about Jazzer, it’s what he sometimes deflatingly says with it.


I’m not going to waste time attempting to understand exactly what you are trying to convey, but feel free to use Éire if it is really necessary. …and as for me being a ***ker, I am a firm believer in one of my old Dad’s favourite sayings “…if you want a job done properly, it’s best to do it yourself!” I rest my case!


In The King’s English, Amis draws a useful stylistic distinction between Berks and Wankers. My detector phrases/usages are just a small-scale and personal tribute to that.

What is wrong with ‘Ireland’?

Methinks, perchance and pray (used interrogatively) are high on the list.
Emerald Isle is low, but best avoided. imo. Which you are free to disregard or, indeed, ridicule. Methinks.


Well, according to the Telegraph, we’re responsible for Br***hit—by “passing the buck”, apparently. I can only assume they think “irony” is a synonym for “ferrous”.


Now rinse yer mouth, joe dere

Filthy rag


Trust me, I wouldn’t read it by choice, but the article was linked to on various fora here with some bemusement.

Elsewhere, we were accused of “turning the border into a political issue”. I wonder what they thought it had been for the previous 98 years?


< sigh >
Apart from anything else, this is fecking embarrassing. Mortifying.

And the universal franchise might need a wee rethink.
And we aren’t meant to get political here, so sorry for that too


I think we’re OK; I deliberately avoided any comment on the actual politics, rather the incompetent journalism.


You were fine, joe. I was warming up for a rant, though.


Believe me, in other circumstances…