I'm never going back there!


…What! never?
…no! never!
…what! never?
…well, hardly ever!


So give three cheers and three cheers more…


When I was a lass I served a term
As office skivvy to a PR firm
I cleaned the keyboards and I swept the floor
And I polished all the glass across the big front door

(She polished all the glass across the big front door)

I polished that glass so carefully
That now I am a writer for the BBC.




Sounds like boilerplate text for the CV of just about any wanna-be SW for TA! :smile:


I can no longer recall who wasn’t going back where.
I’m sure kind people will let me know if it is important.

Oh, hang on. Freddie. Right. Sorry about that

Hedgers’s mention of a ‘lass’ bamboozled me temporarily


Charter member of Lead-Astray-a-Limpet here.


‘The group has made slow progress in rocky conditions during the past year’…