In these times an oasis


Anyone else delighted this stuff is pre recorded and it’s 12 mins a day where we aren’t forced to listen to people talk about the virus or social distancing? I really hope they keep it up, and just pretend that The Archers is set in a world where there’s some (vague) semblance of normality.


I wish they would, and I don’t really see how they can do anything else at this point: suddenly having the pandemic arrive six weeks after it got to the rest of the country would be Silly.


They’ve suspended recording, Kara; so in a while you might get normality that is a few decades old.
But I do take your point.

Isn’t it Bad Luck for them that their big storyline got overtaken by Events?
Come here for silliness witty and erudite chat if Reality gets you down, eh…


Oh dear, I saw a statement earlier today to say they had a little while yet of pre recordings before they needed to think about what to do. Which was also interesting because I always thought it was just a matter of days ahead of “real time”.


I believe it’s traditionally six-week blocks, but we don’t know how far in advance a block is recorded; they could have a buffer of 0 to 6 weeks or from 6 to 12…


One of the actors (James wossit, Harrison Burns) has written something on social media about how wonderful everyone was when they went in to record most recently, with everyone standing well apart and cleaners scrubbing the place out and disinfecting round them, or wtte, so I should think that must have been quite recent; nobody was taking all those precautions much before this month.


Or the individual is prone to embroidering reality, not an uncommon trait among Thesps. Not that is it confined to them, of course


I believe the post to have been recent, so they probably were being that careful. After all, carelessly losing an Archers actor would be embarrassing, and people would Notice.


Not for quite a long time in the case of ‘Full Thickness’ Burns’s perpetrator, I think.


Not until someone found a script, with writing on it


There is a murder mystery in which someone is poisoned by soaking his copy of a musical score in something appropriate, because it’s known that he licks his finger to turn the pages…


…well, what with the amount of shyte sloshing around in the “scripts”, I find that hardly surprising. Good old Aunty!!!


…really? (thinks: Kathy? Jamie? Nolanwhatssername? et al (Al? who he?))


…shades of A. Hitler chewing carpet in rage, so OSS try to gift him poisoned hearth-rug! (“Dad’s Army” script, based on urban legend?)


Sturmers, did you think this was the “Sturmey Archer’s Slipped Cogs” thread? Kara was hoping for an oasis!


…I daresay! My excuse is old-age, and the fact that I had a very small brain to start with, which puts me at a considerable disadvantage! :roll_eyes::no_mouth::no_mouth::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That phrase turns out to have an honourable antecedent.

…‘a sergeant of police was taking notes and his henchman was laying out exhibits. The exhibits seemed to consist of half-bricks, bottles, and pieces of paper with writing on them’.

We can now have a merry little game of ‘guess the source’. Pub. 1948.

I know!

Josephine Tey, The Franchise Affair


Particularly pleasing that it involved policemen


I know too!