Inconsistencies, Impossibilities, Discontinuities and Failed Glue

Instituting a single thread to collect all the instances of things which couldn’t, shouldn’t have or actually definitely didn’t happen back whenever, along with SLs that are left dangling.

Things like - why just the single litter of kittens for Hilda, a cat who has had access to the outdoors since arriving at Peggy’s?
Why was Mia at Grange Farm on a school day and ignorant of the change in Will’s circumstances?

OK, both of those have been covered on other threads here, but there will no doubt be more…


It’s the sudden complete character changes which annoy me…



Some good old classics are:

  • Jennifer popping up somewhere in Ambridge while simultaneously being in South Africa
    and of course
  • the famous Twice-Dead Auntie Hilda

Then there’s Poppy being in the car when Nic ran down Matt but not apparently saying anything about it. She was a lot more gobby when she reported to Bev that she had going out with Daddy in the night. A lot of the details of that incident were dodgy, weren’t they?

Oh, and Nigel boasting about knowing all the ways of navigating the roof top taught to him by his daddy when the roof had been replaced.

Rob being reported as having been ‘plausible and charming’ or words to that effect when on air we never heard him being anything like that. (See Fanta’s list of people Rob had bullied.)


A few more:

  • When did Bridge Farm buy the shop they sold in Borsetshire? When they opened it, they were leasing.

  • What happened to Valley Farmhouse? Rob never moved there after his temporary arrangement with Usha (remember her?) while waiting for it to be renovated. Why isn’t Hannah living there, or in one of the flats provided for Cowditz underlings (udderlings?) rather than whingeing about being made homeless by Tom?

  • Who was the Ambridge Arsonist? (And why didn’t they finish the job?)

  • What has happened to the Kemps - the owners of Willow Cottage? They were only supposed to be away for six months; it’s been eleven so far. And why aren’t Brian and Jennifer still house-hunting?

  • How did Harold Jayston hear about Jim’s party?

  • Why is Justin micromanaging Porkhurst, when he considered the whole of BL to be too small to concern himself with the day-to-day running?

  • Has Martyn settled his bar tab?

And, most importantly:

  • Who nicked the bunting??

The Brookfield Barn became ancient again after it was burnt down and rebuilt. Yes, possibly, indeed likely, they have more than one barn, but they have always referred to it as “the” barn as if it was the main one. They could easily have got over that difficulty by calling it “the old barn”.


Why are the Borefeathers still infesting the place? They were introduced solely for the purpose of having someone of that name present for the Ablazing Grace Memorial High* Tea at Grey Gables. They are not "an old Ambridge family’ in the way the Archers or Grundys are - George Fairbrother was as much a blow-in as his grandsons. As I understand it, he was pretty much the Matt / Justin / Vince of his day. At least he blew out again…

*As in “stinking”


Gaw, if you think that’s “digging up things people might have nostalgia for”, don’t watch The Mandalorian.

Not that I have, of course, not being in the USA. Ahem.


There was never an ancient Brookfield barn.

That particular storyline would have worked better if Brookfield had not been the one of the three main farms that does not have an old barn on any of the maps. In Anthony Parkin’s Book of Farming and the Countryside(1989, BBC Books), Bridge Farm has a building called “Old Barn” and Home Farm has a building called “Old Barn”, but all Brookfield has is two "Dutch Barn"s side by side and obviously of the same vintage: modern, corrugated iron type.

So even if the Brookfield barn had not been burned down twice, once in the nineteen sixties and once in the twenty-tens, the invention of the Mediaeval barn there would have been cobblers.


I don’t. It was “digging up things SOC could use to plug his latest spin-off vanity project"


Once again, Hannah complains about commuting to work, so once again we ask: Where has all the Cowditz/Porkhurst workers’ accommodation gone?


Long time passing?