Inconsistencies of Kirstie


She’s dating someone who’s a keen member of the local hunt, eagerly protests any kind of “upper class collaboration”, and they have her in a weird snobbish stance against her man’s son’s lack of tipping at her favourite restaurant… Who is she supposed to represent?


In plot terms, whatever they want her to. She is the perpetual spare prick at a wedding. Well, perhaps not that exactly (and kindest not to mention weddings within a 5lm radius of her. Or babies. Or fish) but you get my drift.

I don’t think you are right about it being snobbery, by the way.


There is a special sort of “I am more caring about the planet than you are” snob, isn’t there? Ones who sneer at your leather shoes, and haven’t used detergent of any kind since 1992?

I can’t remember: is she a militant vegetarian (as opposed to just being one) as well?


Hondootedly there is, but I don’t think that was what Kara meant, and it certainly wasn’t what I did. iI’m not sure the stroppy gobby serial dumpee even is a vegetarian. If she is, her (relatively) long-lived relationship with the sausage-meister of Borsetshire, in his own mind only, was quite as bizarre a coupling, if not more so, than her current liaison with a follower of the Hunt (which theoretically doesn’t ‘hunt’ ickle furries any more anyway).

I read Kara’s comment as ‘Kirsty reacted as if it were ill-bred and infra dig not to tip’, whereas I took her reaction as it being unpleasant meanness not to.


I definitely don’t recall any vegan or veggie commentary - I would also be averse to her jumping on that wagon at this point without a real reason. Re my comment about the tipping, it was because she was portrayed to be offended that Gavin didn’t want to tip the staff at her favourite restaurant.


I know that. I listened, dammit. But you suggested it was snobbery, and I don’t think it was presented or intended as that.


That’s fair enough - part of the social contract, after all, and goodness knows waiters aren’t paid much.

But what restaurant doesn’t simply roll the suggested tip into the bill these days? (I know, someone will pop up and say “mine doesn’t”.)


I deliberately said weird snobbery, she seemed to suggest that she’s better than Gavin for her morals. I just don’t claim to understand them!


Oh, the “I’m on the moral high ground” sort of snobbery. Yes, that does suit Kirsty; she’s very holier-than-thou about things ecological, too.


Ah. ‘Sanctimonious’, in other words. Definitely.

Who the **** does she think she is, by the way: that exchange with Brian and her gracious concession not to go on running off at the mouth because she didn’t want to spoil things for the other farmers ‘but you haven’t heard the last of it’? She’s not (even) a Parish Councillor.
In fact, she is a glorified swimming pool attendant tugging her forelock to the successfully monied classes for her bread and butter quite as much as any Grundy. A pointless, and rather stupid, piece of flesh.


I think she just gets a tad hypersensitive in restaurants.


[splutter] [chortle]


Am I bad for initially reading the thread title as “Incontinence of Kirstie” ?


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