Is this legal?


I had thought they were meant to get you to opt in, not tell you that unless you opt out you will be regarded by them as having given consent to their having and using your data?

By continuing to use our services on or after 25th May 2018, you
acknowledge our updated Privacy Policy and agree to the updated T&Cs.
If you’d like to request other information, you can do so by
contacting our support team.

If you visit the website within the next 30 days, you’ll be asked to
accept the changes to continue using the service. If you don’t visit
after those 30 days, we’ll take your acceptance of using the service
as agreeing to the terms.

25th May was last week. The email is dated 2nd June.


It doesn’t look right to me. Not that I am fully conversant with the GDPR requirements. And they definitely breached the deadline. Intrigued as to who ‘they’ are…


It is not compliant with GDPR requirements. Simple as that.

#4”, Gus. They let me know every day which are/were the five cheapest places to buy diesel that day.

Should I report them to someone, and if so to whom?


I think it would be the Information Commissioner’s Office. Avery quick squiz at their website shows avenues for reporting an actual data breach, anyway. And they do have a phone number.


There doesn’t seem to be anywhere there for the sort of thing I would be complaining about: it isn’t spam or a nuisance call, and I don’t actually mind them having my data; I just feel that they are not behaving as they were meant to, which makes a bit of a mockery of the new regulations.

Maybe ring them on Monday to ask what if anything I should do.


The ICOis the right body. The chance of their actually doing anything about it is close to zero, just as they do nothing about mass nuisance calling even when handed recordings as evidence.