It is to puke. Definitely

I am seriously annoyed by this storyline. I am also really, really angry that it had to be bloody Helen who stepped in to save Kirsty from herself or having any idea how she felt for herself.

Gah, in fact.


You didn’t really expect it to be anyone else, did you?


I could hope, couldn’t I? Right up until she emerged oozing Caring Voice like a psychic vampire…


Yes, indeed. It had to be bloody Helen! And I’m not sure she said anything wrong. I sure as hell was listening for her to start telling Kirsty what to do but she didn’t, really. It has the feel of a piece very, very carefully written to avoid the usual accusations that Helen makes everything about herself. Of course to achieve that, they had to write Helen out of character! I’d have had her say, ‘I know just how you feel, Kirsty. When I thought I was going to lose Henry the day they rushed me into hospital …’ But that’s my version of Helen.

One other thing that is really, really annoying me is that now everyone was proved right, Kirsty wasn’t grieving correctly. Now that she’s seen the error of her ways, all will be well. I hate that.

I wish she’d broken down with Roy. Then she could have apologised to him at the same time.


'Tisn’t only the blasted Ambrigonians who are being vindicated all over the place; the prophets of doom among the listeners are gloating over it as well.


For the library: The Grief Process: Why You’re Doing It Wrong.


It is most definitely to puke. But we should all be relieved, shouldn’t we, because Kirsty has shown herself to be a Proper Woman in Ambridge terms. And because she has not Got Over It that means she will Get Over It. Whereas had she continued Getting Over It, she wouldn’t have, and that would have been Too Terrible To Contemplate. Vindicated vultures everywhere you look.

Vulture Helen didn’t actually say ‘you mustn’t blame yourself’, though, did she? I can’t face LAing for obvious reasons. The snot sound-effect was quite good, though.

What if Helen passes on what Kirsty again said about not being sure she wanted the baby to Little Tommy Snivel? You might think that she wouldn’t go into so much detail on something not about Helen, but of course the conversation will be relayed blow for (snotty) blow because it will actually be about Helen being Supportive and Understanding (and that is definitely to puke, too). Anyway, maybe that will turn Tom against Kirsty, because not only did she fail to grow the damn thing to term and present him with a fuunctioning boy-baby dolly, but she didn’t want it properly like what he did…

That could only be a good thing, right?

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