"…it's meant to be cute, not anatomically correct"


…sez mAdam to mAlice in Tues epi.

…reminds me of what our Mum used to tell me when I asked about my sisters’ dollies. Anyone else remember those halcyon days of yore? :wink:


Checking if the fairy on the Christmas tree has knickers, sort of thing?
Not my particular perversion but I understand it’s a popular one.


Ah yes—who could forget (In)Action Man…


Ah, yes indeed! I am reminded of one of my childhood mates being given an empty “Action Man” box and being told it was “Action Man Deserter” :wink:


Shanks … “can I have an Action Man for my birthday dad ?”

Mr. Shanks senior … “They are dolls. Dolls are for girls. You’re not a girl. You’re not having one.”

What is known as ‘the old days’


Quite right too.

One can tell a lot about a child from its response to the suggestion ‘Let’s pull dolly’s head off’…


About genetic researchers, too…