It's obviously compulsory


…or at least has been elevated to the status of Homeric epithet (wine-dark Am, anyone?).
Poppy cannot be mentioned without being a ‘pore-little-mite’. Spewk.


I suggest diatomaceous earth.

Whine, in Adam’s case.


Poor little strangely silent mite last night, wasn’t she? You’d think with all the kerfuffle going on between Ed and Will that the poor little mite would have woken, wouldn’t you?

You don’t suppose she’s dead and no one has noticed, do you? Reminds me of the Rowan Atkinson sketch, ‘A Fatal Beating’.

Headmaster: “If your son wasn’t dead, I’d have him expelled.”
Father: I beg your pardon?
Headmaster: Yes, expelled!


< evil chortle >

But Janie, the fact she didn’t wake just goes to show how exhausted she is. ooh the pathos.
Don’t you know having a child out in the car after 7:30 pm is Abuse?


It was dark, which at this time of year is After Her Bedtime and will get him the bastinado, or something.


Yes, all of the above, plus … she was ruddy well asleep! So what difference does it make whether she sleeps in the car or in her bed?


None whatever when I was a child, or indeed when my (healthy and fit) adult offspring were children thirty years ago, but clearly children are different now.


Language! (…tsk tsk!)


I’m a bit confused about that, tbh.
Would the Pair of Posturing Pillocks really have been swimming in the dark? In my head it was still light. Did I miss an. “it’s dark” comment - I might not have heard it over the grinding of me teeth.


From the Spanish. HTH ;- )


There was an “it’s getting dark” from either Adam or Ian when they were being replete after the picnic (and then went swimming). Also whichever of them it was saying that he couldn’t see what he was doing when he walked into something sharp seemed to me to suggest it wasn’t light any more.


Right you are. Ta, Fishy.

It was all very stoopid anyway. Bah!


I had such hopes for that moment…