Jennifer and Brian

have made it absolutely certain, by their little mutual admiration session this evening, that something will go terribly wrong at Home Farm, probably during this week so that the same scriptwriter can write it.


Gawds yes.

But why was Brian rolling over and agreeing to the idea of hosting a party for the warty, bedungareed she-Oaf who was party to his upstitching?

Mind you, why did he appoint the horrible woman in the first place? None of this makes sense and they have destroyed Brian, so they might as well put him out of his misery.

Were Mr Gus still in a position to comment, he would be frothing with rage, ‘proper’ Brian being a bit of a hero of his. Oh well.


I’m convinced he & Shula are for leaving so they may as well get on with it.

A huge, huge shame as CC is so far the best actor on that cast that it’s like putting Lionel Messi in a school second XI


I am not thus convinced, because I don’t see why they should. Look at the way old actors in TA hang on: Doris, Phil, Peggy, Christine, Jill, Joe…


Is CC getting much work elsewhere?

I don’t suppose anyone in TA needs the money to live on, but some clearly dig harder for it than others.


Given the way Brian has been written over the last few years, if he does leave he could probably claim constructive dismissal.