Jim would No Way


Say “finnancial”! He is supposed to be a classicist, who would know the word fi-nance and derive fi-nancial from it.

He’ll be talking about the eckonomic situation next.


The status of Alexanders?


…I understand his rag-time band to be the best in the land! (…by reputation only, I’m afraid I must admit I’m not old enough to have heard the original)
…so, look out Tommy Croker! :wink:


Oh. My error. [upended ovine indicating no particular ill will]


What has plant-life to do with it, Gus? However edible?


I was not referring to smyrnium wossit but referencing the tendency of certain Scots to style Alexanders as Ecks.


Ah. Went past my head like a pig on amphetamines, that did.