Josh ... he's not going to become a doting uncle, is he?


Please, let that not be so! One more person for Pip to dump the brat on. He was the one hold-out who didn’t let that happen. Ever. I bet that’s gonna change!


Far more useful to her than Ben: he can be left in charge of a baby, can’t he, whereas Ben probably wouldn’t be thought responsible enough.


I’m trying to remember - has the monstrous Pip ever left Rosie with Ben?


Not that I can recall.


I think it was mentioned once, but can’t be sure when. I think it was Jill who enquired. Impression I formed was that it was a for-a-few-minutes thing rather than anything planned.
Equally, I might have imagined the whole boiling…


Perhaps she’s worried that he’s likely to swap the baby for a Westlife CD (…which would be rubbish, anyway!)


Little though I esteem Westlife, I would fully support any such action on the Spotty Litte Gobshite’s part (and I’m no particular fan of his either)


I don’t think even Josh would go that far. But one can dream …


Feral Techie was their webmaster once.

(Never got to hear the music, mind; the record company assumed they wouldn’t be interested, and they were mostly right.)