Just stumbled on this


Well worth a re-read


Tony, Son of Phil… um, no. Measure of Elizabeth, Dopey, Kenton, Jolene - and her frontage - reasonably accurate.
How Pip has come on since then, though. From a ‘nauseating child of no discernable character’ she has become a nauseating adult with no fixed accent.


Could still happen - particularly with this week’s SW…


True, dat


And heir to Brookfield, bring it on, it’s what Phil would have wanted!


And no Helen, how splendid!


I forgive him the many inaccuracies for

A pregnant ELIZABETH being dumped by her then boyfriend, the caddish Scots landlord CAMERON FRASER, at a service station on the M40 while ostensibly en route for a holiday. (At the time there were no services on the M40, so she really should have been more suspicious.)