Just what we wanted!


I once went and saw the entire Ring cycle done by the Welsh National Opera over a few evenings at Bristol Colston Hall; a wonderful experience.

On the other hand, listening to the records of Solti’s Ring four times in two weeks (once to record it on cassettes for me, once to record it ditto for my father, once for each recording to check that nothing was wrong with them) became a bit of a strain.


But at least it was the Solti! Nilsson, Windgassen, Frick, Fischer-Dieskau - and of course a very young Gwyneth Jones as Wellgunde; Brünnhilde in the Boulez/Chéreau version. Don’t think it’s ever been equalled


For the sound, I think I agree – that was why we both wanted it, and why I reserved the records at the local main library (they asked me to so that they had an excuse to buy it). It’s not so great on the staging, though…


Oh I don’t know - the sound of Brünnhilde throwing herself on Siegfried’s pyre suggests a quite impressive set! (Always felt it was a bit hard on Grane, TBH…)

And there are always those who insist that the Solti is the only one that stays true to Wagner’s staging


[quote=“joe, post:20, topic:528”]
I have the whole set on Blu-ray -
[/quote]Slight feelings of envy. But then I would have no trouble with the uninterrupted 15 hours side of things, so shall not be bitter about it.


A sort of DIY Bayreuth week, Fish?


With more coffee while I was listening…


[quote=“Gus, post:25, topic:528”]
I would have no trouble with the uninterrupted 15 hours
[/quote]Trouble is, there’s also the Solti on CD and the Boulez on DVD. Is there an annexe to the Cellar that we could rename “Nibelheim” for the duration?


A Nibelheim annexe - what a splendid idea. I expect it will lead to Strife with the other denizens sooner or later, mind.
Oh, what I meant was that I am probably rather less busy than you are, on the whole, so you have the Blueray and no time, I have the time and no Blueray. I’m not sure I would have the stamina for 15 hours straight…

But yes. A Nibelheim annexe. Any thoughts on decor, facilities and - perhaps most importantly - defences?


Large ladies wiv spears? (Decor and defence.)


And there would never be a shortage of rain, though I think that ought to be discussed in the Cellar itself rather than here.


Nothung* — or Gram® for the purists — and custard?

*We can appropriate the BHC oven to reforge it.


Oh and now it is pissing it down. Proper stairrods stuff. But without the interesting bits. No son et lumiere.


Well, we’ve all been warned to beware of what we wish for, but do we heed the warning? Do we buggery. It’s also cold. No-one wished for that.


Oh, I wouldn’t mind a spot of cold and neither would the cat. I could tell you what I really wish for but you wouldn’t like it and I would probably get banned, barred, shunned or just castigated.

But if anyone wants to come and help sharpen sticks, that’s grand. Bring your own knife and a wish-list.


Hissing it down here, too



We are twins-of-being-pissed-upon!

hey, this is the closest I will ever get to greatness, allow me this moment. I am going out for a (damp) fag to celebrate
Gxx :wink:


I’m going to have one too, but downstairs, not outside…



Ooh, I likes a good mobbing I does.

Also a


'cos I’m awake and Saturdays should not be faced sober.


It’s Saturday and you are confused, Bird. Yardarms happen in the Cellar.