Just what we wanted!


A nice thunderstorm. The air has suddenly cleared, and it is no longer so muggy that I can’t think straight.


Wave it on its merry way in this direction, please, if you’ve done with it.


Still going, still being Great Fun, gradually drifting west-ish (which is strange, it’s usually wind out of the west here).


If you think I’m clicking ‘like’ on that, you are sadly mistaken, dere small bird. Drifting West (a likely story) - so what are you doing sitting there pecking at a keyboard and posting: go out and bloody flap!


This is a site I find useful in these times:



I’m going to have to prance around on the roof with my spear and magic helmet, aren’t I?
Thank you. That site can be very distressing, when one sees all the lovely thunder veering north towards the undeserving of Essex and so on… But seeing all the little kerpows! can be enjoyable.


Further to the above, the bugger seems to be strafing Harlow and heading for Bishop’s Stortford and Letchworth, while another perfectly splendid storm is wasting its time entirely in mid-Channel.
Sometimes one wonders if there is anyone in charge at all.


“Gott straf Harlow”?


We wuz robbed too. Not so much as raindrop. And we’ve had to leave the bloody Aga on for our buyers. The pugs are lightly roasted and Molly’s discovered that lying on the laptop is very cooling.


Poor wee pugs. Well poor wee marjorie, too, of course. Complete sell it has been so far. What a night for dancing outside without one’s drawers on, despite nettles, brambles, and the risk of unexpected hedgehogs or the polis. Pugs always have that option, of course ;- )


Ahh, it’s just winding me up now. Looked as if the Sarf Coast storm was heading up a bit usefully (First we take Croydon, then we take Lewisham? Aye, one sees its point I suppose) but it seems to regard Haywards Heath as an impenetrable barrier and is sort of sliding the wrong way. It’s just a little tease, is what it is.


It seems to be sending a verloren hoop for Twellsy.

Perhaps more sequins as thunderstorm bait is the way forward. Although the thought of sequinned night attire is - well, quite alarming, on the whole.


Raining here AGAIN

While he lot bake I am being steamed


I have a small idea for you: chant.

Specific chant.

White Man’s Rain Chant.

http://www.northernpaganism.org/shrines/thor/writings/white-mans-rain-chant.html has the mp3 so you can get the tune right…


Thank you: I shall let you know if it works when I deploy it. It will probably be more efficacious than what I was muttering in my thunder-envy-ridden state last night, which was ‘Enough with bloody Brighton - we have poofs here too, you know’ ;- )


Well, if that doesn’t work, you’ll have to call in the big guns…


Love that, joe and thankyou kindly. Bit of a problem with the staging, though. Maybe I mean the props. Or the direction. That is supposed to be one heavy bastard of a hammery mallety thingy. Not only is it physically out of scale with the singer, even for a big hammery malletty thing, but at the beginning of the clip, he is making sort of embryonic wee gestures with the hand that it is in. Which rather detracts from the verrisillimillitude of it being a heavy bastard hammery… oh, you get the drift. Ah. Hang on there, this is staged Wagner. As you were, pigs and other rational parts of creation.


If you want really wild staging, try the Fura dels Baus productions. A mere taster…


I turns out that I do want really wild staging ;- )


Me too! What I’ve seen so far has been breathtaking - though not necessarily to purists’ taste. (Then again, there was war over the Boulez/Chéreau production - now regarded as a classic) I have the whole set on Blu-ray - just waiting for an uninterrupted fifteen hours or so…