Justin is 'family' to Helen ... when it suits

Anyone notice that HellQueen firmly told Justin that he was not ‘family’ when he dropped by Bridge Farm to ingratiate himself? Then when Tom fairly pointed out that Justin’s lowering of his offer was business and that he had learnt his lesson, Helen burst out to Lilian words to the effect that little Tommy oughtn’t to have been made to learn his lesson because we are ‘family’. In other words, Justin ought to have given Bridge Farm special treatment and reverted to the original offer, something he was not obliged to do in the least.

Doncha just love it? Pat used a similar tactic with rather more success when she negotiated a better deal with the Dopeys by citing ‘the year we’ve been through’ or similar words. Pat and Helen no doubt expect to use the ‘after all we’ve been through’ card for the foreseeable future: note Helen also crowbarred into the conversation with Justin that she had been unable to attend the food awards last year, being detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure, a remark purely designed to make Justin feel awkward.


They have always got double standards, for them and for anyone else. Only a Bridge Farm Archer is allowed to disagree with a Bridge Farm Archer; everyone else should stand well clear and do as they are told.


I thought it was Pat who said that… And if it was and if I am not going completely deolali, then how typical of her. Whose fault was it that Helen was holidaying at HMP? Here’s a clue: the person who instead of getting her child out of a bad environment and leaving herself - no need to pack bags, ducky, The Family would have sorted it out for you, they always have and now always will have to - decided to play silly little games with tuna and undertake a little light attempted murder.
She is, as I have possibly said before, exceedingly lucky not to be not even nearly through the first half of a prison sentence.