Kids today just don't get a proper education


Don’t look at me, nuffink ta do wiv me guv :innocent:


I can ask - my source was doing her PhD there at the time*, so pretty much a first-hand report.

*Not, I hasten to add, in chemistry, nor in any subject that would allow her access to such material. (Unless it could be classed as “performance art”? Even then, I’d imagine the requisition would come under some considerable scrutiny)


I made TNT with a couple of friends at school

We were careful and used the chemicals in the chemistry lab at school

Well mix bored A level chemistry students and a library with recipe books and a well stocked lab with little supervision and you will get enquiring minds doing their own research


AIUI Today’s teachers aren’t even allowed to inflict capital punishment on the kids.

Issa disgrace. They’ve taken all the fun out of teaching.


Just checked the exploding toilet story, and it turns out I was wrong. It was a fellow doctoral student who had related the tale and it had happened at one of her previous colleges—possibly Nottingham.

On which subject:


I well remember our set, bound in dark-green, with gilt-lettering on the spine -

…I think they were my first encounter with a real encyclopedia, and I remember how us young 'uns chuckled at some of the pictures of the sculptures, showing as they did, all the “norty bits”.


… but often with no arms.
A lesson or warning to the muckier variety of schoolchild, d’you reckon?


Or something to do with the gunpowder?