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The perfect description of Russ!


Yes, “a patchouli-scented oil slick” is wonderful, though I am unsure about the patchouli really; it’s a bit Old-Style for Russ, isn’t it? Or has it come into fashion for middle-aged wannabe-trendy-young artists?


Possibly, though I could imagine him going for flares and tie-dye…


Mind you, Freddie ought to be all for it; “its ability to work as an insect repellent has been known for centuries”, apparently, so he might hope it would repel both Russ and Lily.




Madame Bovary

Wipes eyes…



Brilliant! But then, isn’t it always?


Another excellent issue:


Love it!

I especially appreciated

‘I also think people will be fascinated to see all the old relics we’ve got lying about, like my sister Lily’s ancient boyfriend Russ,’ said Mr Pargetter.

and Auntie Satya’s

Ed, Ed, Ed. Please have a word with yourself. You know the answer to this.


Not quite vintage this time, imo. Still highly enjoyable, though.


Sorry for getting you all excited - the most recent edition appears to be 5 May.
Does anyone know if CM has given it up?
Hope all is well with her.


Was she taking a summer break?


I think so. Returning in September IIRC


Ah. Shame, but there we are.