Lilian dear

your fury with the BFNI was completely misdirected: Kirsty was not repeating what they had said, she was saying what she thought about the deal they have made. They were understandably bewildered by your attack on them for something they haven’t done.


…on the other hand, your comment about Kirsty being ‘so predictable’ was spot on.

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It was absolutely spot on.

Regarding her off target slapping she had been given the bum’s rush by Helen and i think Pat had taken a swipe. She will be well aware that the BF Massive have decuded Justin’s behaviour has been poor … with ne’er a word spoken about Tom’s part in it.

I fully support her rant … misdirected or not.

Had she spoken with Helen during the week before she launched in on Tony and Tom, who most definitely had not spoken to her on the subject? Helen had not wanted to take Jack and Henry round to the Dower House for tea, something she had never been invited to do before Justin absurdly decided on his misplaced and maladroit “charm” offensive: is not going to see someone giving them the bum’s rush? I thought that was chucking them off your premises.

Lilian is drawing erroneous conclusions about some sort of unity between Kirsty and Tom, and assuming that Kirsty is coming out with things sourced from Tom – which simply is not the case at all, given that Kirsty is absolutely furious with Tom because they are in utter disagreement about the land-deal.