Lilian, don't exaggerate

What a liar the old wretch is!

The wine belonged to Matt, not to Lilian. And so did the pictures: the one that was hers was in the Bull, after Paul’s death.

Come to that, the house belonged to Matt, and was in trust for Lilian, so she couldn’t have been evicted from it; and there was never the least danger that Lilian would find herself “out on the street”, given that she still owns a property company and all the rents from it. She just didn’t like being there on her own, and moved out to let Lynda and Robert live there instead of her – and charged them rent, I bet.

I assume Matt felt that pointing out the facts to her would be a waste of breath.


Oh, I expect Lilian would have listened. The scripties are another matter.

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If it had been last week’s scriptie, the newly-garnered Liz Jones, she would have had some excuse for ignorance, but Mary Cutler was writing the series during 2015 and ought to be able to remember what was in it.

If Matt owns the house, then Justin his his tenant. Lil couldn’t grant a tenancy on a property that wasn’t hers. He may find himself served with a Notice to Quit sometime soon, or perhaps offered the house to buy at an enormous price - perhaps equal to the sums he’ll repay Lillian for example?

I think they’ll end up living in his Mum’s derelict house once it’s been refurbed. Why else would we have toured it?

Oh, that was so Justin could brandish his “caring” credentials: it was due to be demolished, I think. Do we know where it was?

How much money did Matt nick from Lilian’s bank accounts?

Good luck to him trying to regain control of that house.

It depends what accounts he had access to. Certainly they won’t have had much in them when he cleared them out in the February, given that he had cleared them out once already, in January.

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Lil said to Matt - in that tea at GG or wherever it was - that he’d “emptied her bank accounts”
(Should be in last week’s minibus).

She was told by her bank that he had done so on Friday 16th January, 2015: “Lilian is phoning the bank to find out that all of the accounts have been cleared out”, and told again by the bank on Monday 23rd February, 2015: “all is not well when Lilian’s credit card is declined. She goes to her
bank to sort things out, only to discover that Matt has cleared out all
her accounts; she has no idea how much money she has left.”

What she then did to prevent him from continuing to clean out her accounts on a monthly basis we were never told. Nor why nor how he’d been able to get access to a private account in her name, as opposed to the company’s accounts.

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