Lily's voice…


…euch! Still not as bad as the current tendency for all females below a certain age to develop a “vocal-fry” or “crackle-voice” (something to do with wanting to sound like “Kim TartTrashIam” whoever she/it might be!) …but that dreadful squeaky “little-girl”! Ugggghhhhh!

…and I thought that young Mr. Pargetter would have had quite enough “bird-time” by now, and by the way, the word is “moult” (as in Edward Walker Moult (Bill Insley) …to keep it in the Archers theme), and not “melt” (…at least that is what it sounded like to these old ears! (…and yes, I listened again,and again, and again!))


There, There, Dear

The Voices Drive Me Mad, I Tell You…



I think the voice is perfect for Lily.


You’re absolutely right! (…I just thank the lord that as I age, my ears are becoming less effective! :thinking: )


It was even worse for Ellie, the world’s most immature midwife (and Rob’s No. 1 fan).


Who should have been sacked for how she performed her role. … or run-away with Rob.

Blow-in, never to be heard of again yet still not a word from Molly Button. Life is so unfair.


The actor of a totally unconvincing midwife whom everyone panned as having a voice like a thirteen-year-old was chosen two years later to act a person of seventeen.

To me that seems unreasonable, but I am not the casting director (or whatever they have) so what do I know? I just wish that whoever it was would get over its fixation with identical young male voices.


The thing is, she sounds entirely plausible as a daughter of Widderbeth. Just as Emma does as Susan’s and Pip does not as WR’s


I think this may also be a matter of what they get out of the drama schools, which are no less immune to trends than anywhere else. Given that whenever I look up one of their bios they seem to have come from one of the same few institutions…


Blimey. I had no idea.

“Other parts are played by the Cast”.


According to the official BBC biog:

“Katie [Redford] made her Archers debut in 2015, playing Ellie; Helen and Rob’s Midwife and is thrilled to be back.”


Their punctuation?


Assuredly so. (I originally posted a link, but the cast photo couldn’t be avoided, so I deleted it.)


Then they are an illiterate shower of crothounds.


You’d never have guessed, would you?

Innumerate, too. Was it Kirsty whose life had been “turned around 360°”?


Excelllent. She’ll have been on tenderhooks after that.


Still, at least she can gloat about Tom being reigned in.


He’s such a looser