Little tiny silver beads


I have some. If anyone has any standard hollow-point ammo they aren’t using right now, please forward to me and I will customise them by simple dint of poking and glue. The Snell menace must be put an end to.
Also, would those rally long pointy bamboo skewers work, do you think, as a stake through the heart?


Messes up the ballistics sunnink rotten. You really want a full-silver bullet body (hollow or pointed) with a copper jacket for reliable feeding. Ideally, get it blessed by a Pope; Discordian will do…


Now go and ask That Fish exactly why I am grinning.


< looks innocent >


…I dunno about the “dum-dums”, however tiger-whiskers chopped up and added to a stew or whateva can be quite effective and was often used as a method of dealing with unwanted dinner guests back in the days of The Raj. (…thanks wiki)