Live from Calgary airport! One-liners to June 23

4 Jun Pip has her nose to the grindstone, and Lilian sounds a warning.
5 Jun Justin hears it straight from the horses mouth, and Freddie is fed up with his lot.
6 Jun Lynda strikes a deal, and Kirsty makes amends.
7 Jun For Tom, there is no time like the present, while things go from bad to worse for Rex.
8 Jun Johnny’s plans fall apart, and are Pat and Tom overheard?
9 Jun Susan makes enquiries, and Lily tries to keep her mum calm.

11 Jun Bridge Farm’s secret is out, and Pip faces difficult questions.
12 Jun Pat delivers a telling off, and Lower Loxley’s prodigal son returns.
13 Jun Lynda has troublesome guests, and Kirsty is keen to recruit.
14 Jun Lilian chooses her side, and can Elizabeth see history repeating?
15 Jun Tom puts himself forward, and Rex is feeling bold.
16 Jun Justin smoothes the way, and Matt sticks his oar in.

18 Jun Pip insists she is fine, and Tracy makes her mark.
19 Jun Justin’s hackles are raised, and Kirsty feels she has lost a friend.
20 Jun Freddie finds a new vocation, and Anisha sets a challenge.
21 Jun Tom is ready to seal the deal, and Lilian smells a rat.
22 Jun Adam has an eventful birthday, and Anisha draws a line.
23 Jun Matt is on the prowl, and Jill calls on past experience.


No mention of Toby! Hope it’s not a tease.


Oh, right, I hadn’t noticed that. I had a look in the ‘wrap-up’ thread to see if he’s mentioned in any of the narrative spoilers and only as spoken of by Pip who appallingly is confiding her woes to Rex. What an insensitive besom she is. I do hope Rex has totally gone off her and is only interested in Anisha.

I have no idea where they are going with this story. It’s clear Pip is not at all pleased that Toby wants to stop hanging around being her devoted, heart-broken friend. That could well make her want to get back with him again.

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Oooh nooo!

(Have looked through the credits you provided for those weeks and he’s not there either. So if it’s a tease it’s a Big Tease.)

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Pip is so horrible, wanting to keep him on the hook even after dumping him, that I want her to want to get back with him and for him to say ‘no’, having moved on. Hopefully to Brighton.

Ah, yes, I did note he wasn’t in the cast lists by doing a word search of ‘Toby’ and found out that Freddie’s actor is a ‘Toby’ and that Pip mentions Toby to Rex but that Toby is not in the cast list. We know that’s not always reliable, but Toby isn’t important enough to leave out if you see what I mean. They did not mention Matt in the cast list until he had been back for a few weeks because it was such a massive spoiler that word would have spread. Same thing when Jess testified. Actually, the poor Jess actor has been left out several times because of her surprise appearances!

No, from the mentions of Pip and Rex I don’t see that he can have jumped in the Am, and it’s difficult to think of him doing anything dramatic enough to need to be hidden until a surprise reveal. So let’s hope he’s gone rather than just off badgering unknowns to buy into his “business”. Pip can perfectly well be aggrieved at being counter-dumped without having him present.

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So true! I think we get the idea we are supposed to believe (even if we don’t) that, for the first time in his life, Toby has sincere feelings for a woman and also for the first time in his life he had been dumped. So is it love or wounded pride, how can we tell? Or care? What is evident is Pip’s nose being put out of joint that they cannot be friends simply because it is something she wants. Let her have that experience multiple times, please!

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He might not have surfaced again yet.

Hope springs eternal, and all that.

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