Lowfield back up!


Just found it was working again, so thought it worth mentioning. (Apologies if this is old news, but I’d heard nothing)


Hurrah! Thank you.


There is however a gap between

“23rd August 2018, Johnny makes life difficult for Tom and Elizabeth takes advice from Oliver”

and now.


But presumably they have the entries ready to upload?


Odd way round of doing things, but one would imagine so


If they have lost them, I have copies of every one of them. Four days last August are missing because the site went down and they took a while to react; some time I will get round to listening and précising them.


Presumably the first step was to get the site up and running, before they can upload new material?

Do you have the dates to hand? There’s a fair chance I’ll still have them too, so it would only be half the torture for each of us.


28th, 29th, 30th and 31st August 2018 are missing from the ones I collected from another board. I asked at the time and was told that they did have them they just weren’t putting them up…


So the sensible course is probably just to wait and see.

Have just looked at the official synopses (though 30/8 is missing for some reason) and I can assure you that re-listening is very much a last resort. It involves the aftermath of the llamanapping—need I say more?




Good news, I really missed Lowfield.


It is useful for checking dstes.


And facts


You have to allow for listener bias, of course.


No such thing. And Helen has always been a doggedly independent businesswoman.


This was the sort of thing I had in mind:

Thursday 13th April 2000
Pat’s sorted out the lease, only the signing of the contract to go and the shop’s theirs!


Ah yes; that sort of thing.

Mind you, for any episode I have available I always check what was actually said, because Lowfield summarisers are only human too.