mAdam gonna change his name to Shrewsun?

…now there’s a novel idea! I wonder who will he have to make the final cut (so to speak!)?
HellQueen? (…they say she’s pretty handy with a knife, or other sharp pointy things!)
Oh Gawd! Cod Glaswegian, cackling, the bloody SnellWomun! Jesus Christ on a Crutch!!!


Even as an alleged joke, this seems a pretty pointless exercise. And what exactly does it have to do with The World’s Most Tedious Gay Couple’s “bucket list” anyway? I’m struggling as to what exactly the “challenge” is supposed to be, unless it is to cause the maximum hurt and offence in as short a time as possible. I suppose they might cause so much offence throughout Ambridge that they feel they have no option but to leave permanently, but that would be too much to hope for.


< slumps to attention >
Hoping as hard as I can, Sir!


But, but, but … who will save the planet then ? What are you thinking of man ? … the herbal lays must be protected.


On the mattercof Mr. Lacy aka Andrew Wincott … I am currently listening to an unabridged audio book ‘The Lost Abbott’ by Suzanna Gregory. A crime story set in C14th East Anglia.

These make my 40 e/w commute more than tolerable & her stories are usually entertaining enough.

Itcis being read by Adamzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Hos voice works well when making speech. It lowers into his calm explaining voice when in general narrative. It’s really offputting.

I will finish it, but it’s 90m of Adam.

Help !!


Could be worse, laddie:
120 Days of Modom…


Regarding the subject line, what;s wrong with changing his name to Shrewhusband?


…my heart bleeds for you, however you really don’t have to put yourself through such miseries! Does your audio book-reader come equipped with an “OFF Switch”? My advice to you is to drop it, and move on to the next one! As Prof. Jimus might say “Vita brevis, Ars longa”, although I’m sure that he would put it as “Ars longa, vita brevis”