Meanwhile in the pub

I’ve just been considering the landlady of our local splendid pub. There isn’t often any sort of trouble, but I can easily picture her saying something along the lines of “I don’t care what the reason was, you don’t talk to my staff like that”. She might then have a go at said staff in private and later…


Yes, but Jolene is a crap landlady: she told Nic to clear and clean the tables, then decided that she was busy herself telling David how to run his business and family life and told Nic to serve a customer she couldn’t be bothered with, and then allowed a row to escalate for several minutes before dealing with it.


Jolene effectively started the row by bringing up the subject of the Mr and Mrs competition. Up to that point, Emma had asked for her cider and pork scratchings and the exchange between her and Nic had been perfectly civil. It was only then that Emma said sarcastically, “'Cause the boss is always right” to which Nic replied in annoyed fashion that she had got into a lot of trouble over that and things went downhill from there.

(Actually, Nic offered to clean the tables, but I don’t see that that matters much in the situation. She was taken off table-cleaning in rather peremptory fashion to serve Emma, just as you say.)

Just to add: extremely poor management on Jolene’s part to tackle Emma about the Mr and Mrs in front of Nic. Nic was mortified and rightly so. It was an open reproach to a member of staff in front of a customer. Besides, Jolene knew perfectly well that she herself and her own daughter were largely responsible for the lack of communication over that matter.