Monde (barwick) green

People – even Lowfield – are saying that Toby claimed on Thursday to have had to harvest his herbs at the full moon at midnight, and that because the moon wasn’t full on Thursday the SW and editor got it wrong. But that’s not what was wrong with that episode.

Toby didn’t mention the full moon, though; what he said was “under a waxing moon”, and that was what we had on Thursday: the dark of the moon was on Tuesday night. That was correct.

The mistake was that what he didn’t do at midnight on Thursday was harvest anything whatsoever under any moon at all. Moonset at the latitude of Inkberrow on Thursday 30th March 2017 was at 22:39.


I make it 22.49 at Inkberrow, which is within the tolerances.

Note to Ye BBC: there are lots of moonrise and moonset calculators on the web. But if you can’t be bothered to use one because you’re an Artist and above all that, just use rules of thumb: around new moon, the moon is near the sun in the sky, so generally it’ll rise and set about the same time the sun does.


One might simply say “set before eleven that night” and make the same point, I feel.