Much as I enjoyed Hannah finally being put in her place,…

…why was it Justin’s job? BL in its entirety was supposed to be too small for him to bother with, so why the obsession with every aspect of the day-to-day running of Porkhurst?

And how does the vast empire he supposedly had in early 2014 square with his assertion that he lost everything after 2008?


Yes, good point, and another thing that puzzles me is that Hannah has been at this game of undermining Neil for quite some time, so why has Justin only just got around to saying something? She behaved exactly the same over the accident with the ladder, doing her best to land Neil in it, and again when he was off sick, making changes she had no right to make. What was so different about today’s meeting?

Justin strikes me as one of those people who think setting employees against each other is good management. He allowed Rob to undermine Charlie in exactly the same way, so why depart from this policy all of a sudden?

No wonder Hannah is confused. She thought she was Justin’s little sneak and now it seems she isn’t.


…well, in terms of JustDim being a shrewd judge of character, one doesn’t need to look any further than the company he keeps!

…and of course, he might be another kind of person, as in:



Gosh, that’s very early ELP on show there. Mr E’s excesses were always difficult to bare.


EJD, to be precise. Brian Davison died a couple of years ago, so Lee Jackson is the only surviving member. No idea what he’s doing now. A fine bass player, but even that liberal application of ring modulation couldn’t cover his vocal shortcomings.

The singer The Nice were originally formed to back is still going strong, I’m pleased to say:


Yes, I appreciated thst Joe but that piece was exactly what KE did in his more excessive ELP days, is what I meant.