Mustardland down?


It’s been down here for an hour. Is it just me?



No. A good couple of hours in Chestershire.

It came back on though.


It started playing Silly Buggas again at about 1am, with pages not loading

Don’t know when it came back on



About 10am for me.


Someone forgot to feed the meter/hamsters this morning.


(Not enough gin in the bottle.)


awww. Inhumane, I calls that


And still down now. Ooops.

I suppose we ought not to have this thread at all, but it is just for information, not comment, so I s’pose it’s all right…


For info is how it was intended. When one site goes tits up people check others to see if it’s just them. ‘Down for everyone?’ notwithstanding.


I think many people do not actually know about downforeveryone, to be fair. I wouldn’t check here if I had both that address and the address for Peet’s; I don’t have the latter because I have the computer set up just to go there so all I have to do is sign in, and of course if I can’t go there… Memo to self: write it down somewhere!

Hence looking here on the off-chance.


Of course it’s alright, FantaFish



Seems to be working now, anyway.


Fixed by a nice man called Keith, apparently.


[quote=“Fanta, post:14, topic:485”]
a nice man called Keith
[/quote]I picture him as a sort of ‘Hamster Dundee’