New Badges for old


Forget my complaint about the lack of a Certifiable badge.

Could we instead have a badge for the member with best set of soaring feathers


What about a badge for giving excellent DIY advice?


I think you will find that badges are awarded by the board itself and only for behaviour related to the board, not by or for behaviour towards the people on it.

In any case, you have 21 badges; don’t be greedy!


But Fishy. When I get the full set of badges. I get to keep the board and then I can flog it. :smile:

A nice little earner.


Have you sewn them all on, Useders?

Reminds me of when I was a Girl Guide…



You are welcome. And good luck with that: it won’t answer to anyone but the original founders.


I favour the Muttley method for dealing with medals, Carinthia. Just pin 'em on. :slight_smile:


You’ll be trying to tell me next that I don’t get to keep it, Chris. :cry:


Not if you can find a sucker to buy it from you, certainly. Just don’t give 'em your real name, and insist on cash; they aren’t going to be happy with it.


Sounds like a plan. I was going to get Sparrow’s bruvver to help sort a deal, but if you’d like to…


Shall we say 5%?


You can say whatever you want; when you have possession of the board we can consider the matter further. But I know at least one badge you won’t be able to get…


Where have you hidden it? I’ll find out.


Good luck with that. It’s the one you won’t see.


Still, you’ll have plenty of time to think about it while you wait for some of the others; until we have fifty members you can’t get fifty likes on a post, for instance.


You mean I have to wait for at least five years? :sob:

Oh I’ll go and do something else for the community… I’ll be a local councillor.


O lucky community!


That’s your vote in the bag then… Is that another 5%?


Oh, this community? no, I don’t vote until there is a ballot.


Note to self…
Ignore Fishy. He is from Barcelona (or somewhere else in Catalonia) :male_detective: