New vet, God help us


It’s a long story, but when little Brucie was taken in for a Lepto vaccination the 10 year old vet wanted to inject him against fleas. I’ve got huge suspicion of all vaccinations and even more loathing of systemic flea treatment. (One of our Somalis developed horrible skin problems when the vet gave him a drop-on flea treatment when he was in for surgery.)

I asked him what the point was when he was an apartment dog and didn’t mix with the riff-raff. So what did kiddie say? That he could catch them off me FF’s. I was quite nicely dressed, too :no_mouth:


He probably gets paid by the drugs rep per ampoule of the stuff that he sells.


An indoor cat I know acquired fleas from somewhere recently, much to the indignation of its human.


I’d have a word with the local wildlife who don’t respect boundaries!


It’s actually worse than that. They’re owned by the CVS Group whose profits have doubled in 12 months. And who are publicly quoted companies accountable to? Oh yes, their shareholders. Not their clients. Bruce is hospitalised atm and so far the company is doing very nicely out of me. Once he’s home, or they’ve managed to kill him, the shit will hit the fan in a big way. Avoid Lepto 4 like the poison it is.


Oh, Marjorie, sorry to hear that, best wishes for Bruce!


Thanks for your kind words. Happy to say that Bruce is at home - we collected him last Saturday evening with an armful of medication. Today’s the first day I’m feeling confident that he’s on the mend. The vets were noticeably absent when we collected and the handover was by a nurse who appeared under instructions to say nothing. Still, all that really matters is that he’s ok :smiley:


I am glad to hear this good news.