Oh bore off, Adam


Typical of the droning Mummy’s boy Adam to have swallowed Jennifer’s account without question and to be squarely on Kirsty’s side. You know, I think I actually dislike this posturing, tedious, sanctimonious twerp more than I do Kate.

And why, having engineered Brian being ousted from the running of the farm, does he keep asking him about what he is planning to do? So he can say 'but Brian said ‘Go ahead!’ wen it all goes Horribly Wrong, I imagine.

He can take his quinoa and… well, no one needs me to go on, do they?


More fun to be inventive, really.

Still, he’d be a lot better off without Iabhiaeioun in his life.


Adam discovered quite early on that he was lost without Brian, at fifty-one and after a sixteen-year apprenticeship he was not competent to do the job without having his hand held, and that his long-lusted-for running of the farm however he chose was but as dust and ashes in his mouth.

I cheered.


That deserves a Very Big Gin, so it does.


wossat then?


Kin to Maebdh Aeiolaien and Daibhaeaidhaibh MacAeraith.