Oh put a sock in it, Jill

You hypocritical old bat. You didn’t pay much heed to the sanctity of (admittedly a non-Archer) marriage when you were commiserating with your witch of a widowed daughter, did you? And I’m not surprised Shula didn’t confide in you - and not only because the SWs hadn’t told her she was leaving the Vacant Vet until the week before she upped and left, sans a change of knickers or even a favourite cardigan. Or not-going-out jeans. Or indeed a coherent reason.

Ruth’s obviously been nice and discreet - reporting that the ‘mee’in’ was hea’ed’. Oh, a murrain on the lot of them.


I have just heard the repeat, Gus, & have to agree with you



Agreed. Love the batty reasoning. She is convinced that:

a) if she had known she could have done something … er what, precisely? And would it have been her place to fix the marriage? Of course not, but she does not know the meaning of the word 'boundary’
b) since she was married to a dull man for - 53 years did she say? - then it follows that Shula should jolly well serve out her allotted time too

She deeply regrets that, because she didn’t realise anything was wrong, she overlooked an opportunity to stick her nose in their business. Not that it’s stopping her now, of course, what with all those little talks with Alistair. Does Shula know about that? I’d be furious if I were Shula.


Vile old crow. Marriages are the concern of two partners and no-one else.