O'Hanrahan is very good,

isn’t she? Excellent performance tonight, being as loathsome as Emmur invariably is and yet engendering a smidging of sympathy.


The first scene I heard her in was with Susan; she sounded exactly like a younger version of her mother. The quality of acting from her and Barry Farrimond is one of the all-too-rare positives in TA at present


I remember that scene with Susan; it was excellent. And she still managed to sound like the previous Emma, just more so.


Some people said afterwards that they didn’t notice the change in actors, she slipped in so seamlessly. Then, as time went on, she made the part her own. Yes, I do think she is really good. Unlike some others I won’t mention.

Perdita Avery is pretty good as a seamless replacement of Kelly Bright but I find her voice unpleasant, so nasal, not that that’s relevant: Lynda’s and Susan’s voices are awful too but brilliant.