OK - I give up


I’ve tried my best to make sense of this, but it’s evidently beyond the capacity of my feeble and gin-sodden brain:



If you want to fit two adults you need to book two rooms?

It rather suggests that the “double” bed isn’t.


Yes—it’s pretty much the definition of a single room, I’d have thought.


Addled brain bee, here.
If you want a small double room, you’d have to choose the double bed and not two singles (which take up more space) and then choose either aircon or a private bathroom. I’d go for the bathroom. I’ve prolly got it all wrong, mind you., but I haven’t seen the other room types.

Soo xx


I suppose knowledge of the individual with whom one intends to share the room makes choosing between aircon and en suite less of a dilemma than it might on the face of it appear to be.

any comments, joe?


We need intel, Gus :wink:
Soo xx


I trust I am not being misoverinterpretated.


One half in each room?